Tag: Thousands of Children Watched Kaala at Mayajaal Organized by RCCF

மாயாஜாலில் காலா  படம் பார்த்த ஆயிரம் குழந்தைகள்

மாயாஜாலில் காலா படம் பார்த்த ஆயிரம் குழந்தைகள்

At the outset  President Sanjay Bhansali. Managing Trustee Sripal Kothari, New Cloth Chairman Ashwin jangda, Secretary Vijay kankaria would like to thank you  for associating with Rajasthan Cosmo Club for the distribution of 18000 new school uniforms at Mayajaal on Sunday ie 10-06-2018.   In this endeavor of distribution of 18000 New School Uniforms to children, we seek your co-operation and wholehearted support to make the event a remarkable one for around 1000 under privileged  children. We will distribute 18000 sets of  New school uniforms worth 50LAKHS apart from  showing  them movie “KAALA” and loads of Entertainment thereafter.   THIS PROGRAMME was GRACED BY HOST OF FILM PERSONALITIES ALONG WITH MANY OTHER DIGNITARIES which i